Building an effective workout plan doesn’t have to be a pain...

Finally Get A Physique That Looks Like You Workout Without Buying A Bunch Of Equipment Or Spending Hours In The Gym.


Building an effective workout plan doesn’t have to be a pain...

Finally Get A Physique That Looks Like You Workout Without Buying A Bunch Of Equipment Or Spending Hours In The Gym.

If you are like most women I work with... would love to slide your “after” picture next to your “before” picture and see a physique change.

And you know that in order to add muscle or lose fat (or BOTH!), making sure your workouts align with those goals is CRUCIAL.

  • And that’s because building muscle is the ONLY way to speed up your metabolism AND get the toned look you want.  
  • Plus, with a faster metabolism you are able to accelerate fat loss (because muscle requires more calories than fat when at rest) which means faster results while eating more food.

PLUS, it's freakin' empowering to walk around and just FEEL strong.

Building muscle is the fastest way to:

  • increase your metabolism
  • accelerate fat loss
  • tone your body

But just because you know it's important doesn't mean you know how to get started.

And I don't have to tell you that trying to workout without a plan is about the least effective way to use your precious time.

You only have so many hours in the day, if you are going to use some of those to exercise you want to make sure it's actually making a difference and accelerating your results.

Build Your Workouts isn’t a generic workout program you purchase and just blindly follow.

There are already thousands, if not millions, of programs just like that.

And of course, it can seem enticing to just spend some money and have someone tell you what to do...until you realize that there is a hidden cost. 

Oftentimes the program that you are spending money on, putting effort and time into, while it may make you sweat, isn’t actually changing your physique.

I’ve been there! 

  • I taught group fitness classes for 8 years. I loved it. I got my heart rate up, I got my sweat on, and I loved the community.
  • Until one day it hit me - even though I was going to the gym 5-6 days a week, my body hadn’t changed for years.
  • I realized doing random workouts wasn’t going to give me the physique changes I wanted - I actually needed a training plan. 

What’s the difference between working out and training?

I realized if I wanted to lose fat and gain muscle and see visible progress when I looked in the mirror, I needed to stop working harder and instead work much smarter.

And when I actually learned to create a plan that was aligned with my physique goals, everything changed.

Finally the time I spent in the gym was actually rewarded with visual progress. I could SEE the muscle I was building.

I was hooked.

And so rather than just create another lifting program like all the millions that have been created before I thought,

“What if I did something totally different? What if rather than writing a generic plan and selling it, I instead empowered women to be able to have the tools and understanding and support to confidently build their own plan 100% customized to their goals, their body, and the equipment they have available to them?"

  • In other words: what if instead of just doing it for you, I gave you the tools to do it for yourself? 

This could mean a new door is opened for you!

A door that would allow you to either create your own customized programming or at the very least make you a savvy consumer that doesn’t waste her money on poor-quality programs (there are a lot of them out there with flashy marketing and terrible programming).

It’s like eating healthy food. 

Can you outsource your healthy food? Get a company to deliver it to you? Of course!

But don't you have to be able to vet the companies who all want to sell you their food? Don't you have to know what's healthy and what's not so you can pick the right company to trust with your health?

It’s the same thing with your workout plan.

Do you need to get your personal trainer certification and know how to implement undulating periodization or run a microcycle to be a savvy consumer when you invest in a workout program?

Of course not.

But you do need to understand progressive overload, how much cardio your body needs, and the ideal split for your goals in order to not get duped. 

So whether you want to be able to confidently create your own customized workout plan or just want to be a more informed consumer so you stop wasting time and money on purchasing programs that are ineffective for your goals, Build Your Workouts is for you.

Creating a workout plan that actually changes your physique requires:

  • Knowing your goal
  • Understanding how to take that goal and translate it into cardio, weights, reps, and sets over time.

If you want a toned body but don't know where to start with your workouts, this program is for you!

Here's Why I’m Not Charging As Much As I Should For This Program

Over the past few years, I’ve seen so many smart women struggle to change their body composition. And maybe that's you.

You know you need to workout in order to reach your goals, but nobody taught you how to make sure your workouts are actually effective for your goals.

Which means if you never get this figured out, you’ll continue wasting time and money, and energy on workouts and programs and gym memberships that don’t actually create a visible change in your body.

For that reason, I want to make sure I get this program into as many women’s hands as possible so you can spend more time per week checking out your results in the mirror because you aren’t wasting time with sub-par programming.

Build Your Workouts is essential.

And when you finally do start seeing your hard work pay off in your progress photos imagine how proud you will feel because YOU did it!

If you would like my help and guidance in maximizing your workout time, your investment is just $197.

And by passing up on this one-time offer, are you really saying that feeling confident in the gym and in your body is NOT worth $197? 

Let’s hope not!

So, if you are ready to stop wasting your time with cookie-cutter programs that don’t actually help you build muscle Build Your Workouts is for you.

Why You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On Build Your Workouts

Let's compare your options...

Which of These Results Would You Like?

Ready to have similar results?

Join Build Your Workouts

Here's What You Can Expect:

LIFETIME access to Build Your Workouts:

  • This program is set up into 3 different modules which you can go through at your own pace using the included Workshop Workbook.
  • I created this program so that each Module has 3-4 videos that are between 5-10 minutes meaning you can tackle this program and all its information in small, bite-sized pieces on your own timeline.

Module 1: Foundations of a Customized Plan

Module 2: Understanding the Different Training Options

Module 3: Building Your Customized Plan

Learn the different pieces that your workout plan MUST include in order for it be customized AND effective. You’ll learn how to create a plan that will fit you and your lifestyle and goals and actually help you cross that “finish line” of your physique goals, whatever they may be.

Psssttt, want to know a secret? There’s more than one way to train. Once you learn how to customize your plan, you need to decide how you’re going to implement it aka: train. Cardio vs weights - which is better? How do I use them? Progressive Overload - what is it and how do I implement it? Find out inside Module 2.

This is the culmination of the program - putting all the information that you learned from the previous modules into practice and actually finishing your first 6-week training block. We’ll walk through putting the exercises into your program and I'll answer some common questions that come up during this planning process.

This program isn’t like a boring college lecture where you just sit and listen - you’ll actually workshop your customized program during the programs so that by the end of the modules, you’ll have your first 6-week training block completely built out and ready to take with you into your next workout session.

In addition to the core program material, we’ve added some awesome bonuses to make building your workout plan as simple and easy as possible.

You'll Get These BYW Bonuses

Exercise and Form Library

I get it, there are so many different exercises out there and knowing which ones to choose for your workout can be a battle! Not to mention, knowing how to correctly execute the exercises you chose so that you don’t injure yourself (YIKES!). I created this Form Guide as an easy reference for you to pull exercises from for your workouts AND as an added layer of awesomeness, I linked all the moves to videos of myself performing each exercise so you know how to do them correctly and safely.

Plug n’ Play Template and Training Logs

If you can fill-in-the-blank you can create your own customized training plan. These templates make it simple to plug in your chosen lifts from the Lifting Library and get started seeing results. And because you’ll have all the tools and understanding of how to make an effective workout plan, you can reuse these templates over and over again which means your investment only needs to be made once.

Home Gym Buy Guide

Maybe you prefer to workout from home, (with BYW you can build an effective workout plan for the gym or at home) and you want to expand your arsenal of equipment to give yourself more options. If you’re like most, it can be overwhelming to figure out which equipment is worth investing in, and in what order. My Home Gym Buy Guide will make building out your home gym as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How To Progressive Overload Without Adding Weight

At the end of BYW you’ll understand all about progressive overload and how to apply it to your workout program. But, if you workout at home and have access to limited equipment you may not be able to continue to increase the weight you are lifting, so how will you continue to progressive overload? There are plenty of other ways to progressive overload that won’t require you to spend hundreds of dollars on more equipment, and I reveal those little-known tips in this guide.

If you are looking to be able to build your own workout program that actually builds muscle so you don't waste time doing things you think builds muscle, then...

Dive into your life-long access to the program material whenever you have time and you'll have everything you need to put together a training program that's customized to YOUR schedule, YOUR goals, and YOUR body type.

Not to mention the fact that you'll be able to update and change that workout as your goals change! All without having to spend another dollar.

For $197 you will gain lifetime access to all the program material.

Give Me Access to Build Your Workouts!

We are so confident that Build Your Workouts works, (if you work it, of course) that we do not offer any refunds. Why? Because the last thing we want to do is attract the type of people who are just looking to grab content and then get a refund. I am only creating this offer to attract the most committed individuals that are hungry to learn and willing to do the work. So if you are still doubting whether you can do it or if BYW will work for you, then maybe this program isn’t right for you.

The Real "Secret Sauce" That Makes BYW So Transformative...

The Real "Secret Sauce" That Makes BYW So Transformative...

"I started Build Your Workouts in September 2019 after working out at home for 2 months ... My history with working out has been very hit and miss and the last 10+ years were mostly spent not being active and

lifting weights was foreign to me

and not something I ever really considered. When I would choose to workout

I always thought cardio was the only option for me.

I tried running - hated it. I tried the bowflex treadclimber - zero aesthetic results so I gave up. I did Beachbody On Demand for about 6 months but didn’t enjoy following along on a tv/computer and eventually that fizzled out.

Since starting Build Your Workouts, I have consistently worked out at least 4 days/week for over a year.

I love the control and empowerment I have been given in my journey.

I went from identifying as someone who “didn’t enjoy working out” to someone who identifies as a “weightlifter”.

The program gave me the knowledge to be confident in my own ability to create training cycles that aligned with my goals and lifestyle. Not only have I gained physical strength and aesthetic changes but I have gained so much mental strength. I no longer tell myself I can’t do something because it appears to be hard. I look at that heavier weight and can’t wait to prove to myself that I am stronger than the time before. And,

the fact that I have been able to accomplish all of this from the comfort of my own home is so amazing!

My young children get to witness their mother making herself a priority, practicing self-care and being an example to them."

-Melissa P.

Purchase BYW HERE

Frequently Asked Questions about

Build Your Workouts

What if I’ve been trying to build muscle for a long time but have never been successful?

Most likely you haven’t been successful in building muscle because either (or both) of 2 things. (1) The program wasn’t designed to build muscle or (2) the program wasn’t designed for you. Luckily, Build Your Workouts was created specifically to fulfill both of those needs because it was built for women who want to understand how to build a customized workout program - including building muscle. If you want to build a toned body or maximize muscle growth, Build Your Workouts will show you exactly how to make it simple.

I feel like I’m wasting time in the gym. Will this program help?

You are a busy woman and you set aside the time and energy to workout. The last thing you want to be doing is waste that time and energy, right? It drives me CRAZY how many women want to build toned bodies or grow muscle and when I take a peek at their workout plan I have to let them know that what they are doing isn't driving the result they want. If you want your workouts to support your goal, Build Your Workouts will give you the confidence to know that the time you’re spending in the gym will be effective towards getting you to your goals. 

What if I don’t have a gym membership?

And my weights at home are not very robust? Build Your Workouts is not entitled “Build Your Workouts, But Only In a Gym” - it factors in what equipment you have and don’t have access to. You don't need to have a barbell to build muscle (although if you do, awesome!) but you will need at least access to dumbbells to be able to effectively progressively overload like I teach in Build Your Workouts. 

What equipment will I need?

First, start with what you have! If you don’t have any equipment, begin with body weight movements while you shop around. To really get the most out of your training you’ll want to have access to at least heavy, medium, and light dumbbells, (what’s “heavy” will be relative to you).

From there you can continue to build your home gym with the equipment you want to include in your workouts. I even have a special bonus inside BYW that outlines how to build your own gym, one piece at a time.

Sounds great, but I really need to lose weight before I start lifting.

I totally get it – you’ve likely been told your whole life that losing weight is about eating less and doing more cardio. When in reality lifting weights isn’t something you start after you have lost fat – it’s one of your most important tools to lose fat. Because muscle is more metabolically active than fat the more muscle you build the more calories you burn per day and the faster you’ll lose fat. So if you are looking to maximize fat loss, weight training should be an important part of your journey and if it’s not currently, well now you know why you may not be making as much progress as you want.

What if I have zero desire to write my own programming….is there still value for me inside Build Your Workouts?

Abso-freakin-lutely. I mean, think about it, if you don’t understand the difference between a well-created program that is optimized for building muscle and a program you *think* will build muscle, what will happen? Too many women purchase programs, only to find out down the road that the programming didn’t actually change their body at all. As a consumer, you need to be able to judge if what you are purchasing is going to create the transformation you want. Just like when you buy a car you don’t need to know everything about cars, but you do need to know the difference between the different styles of car, right? BYW will make you a smarter consumer.

What if I don't like BYW, can I get a refund?

We are so confident that Build Your Workouts works, (if you work it, of course) that we do not offer any refunds. Why? Because the last thing we want to do is attract the type of people who are just looking to grab content and then get a refund. I am only creating this offer to attract the most committed individuals that are hungry to learn and willing to do the work. So if you are still doubting whether you can do it or if BYW will work for you, then maybe this program isn’t right for you.

Programming seems REALLY complicated. Will I really be able to do this?

Programming can feel overwhelming, and honestly, that’s what most personal trainers and fitness professionals want you to think so that they can sell you programming. In reality, it’s really not that hard! All you need to understand are some basic principles I teach inside Build Your Workouts plus the easy plug-n-play templates we’ve created. If you can fill in the blanks, you can easily create your first 6-week training block.

I want to make sure I’m getting a good deal, isn’t this kind of expensive?

This question is a great one because it lets me know you are a wise steward of your finances. I’m the same way, and I always like to compare my options to make sure I’m getting the best deal available.

So let’s look at your options:

  • You could do nothing different. That’s monetarily free, but don't trick yourself, it does come at a cost: nothing changes. Which means, that whatever you are currently struggling with whether it’s plateaued fat loss, decreased confidence with your body, or just feeling stuck in your journey – that isn’t magically going to get better – which if you ask me, costing you your goals is a hefty price to pay.
  • You can subscribe to a random $20/month workout program where you get generic workouts every month. Seems like a cheap option, but remember there is a hidden cost. Because if you don’t know what makes an effective program you run the risk of spending $20/month and hours a week doing something that doesn’t actually build muscle. Which means in 12 months you’ll have no more muscle built than you have today even after spending $240, not to mention wasting HOURS doing something that doesn’t move the needle for your goals.
  • You can get customized programming from a coach or personal trainer. This can be very effective but comes at a premium price. I paid almost $200/month for 3 years (that’s $7,200) for my personal online coach. So yes, if you have the funds, hiring your own personal trainer or coach is a great way to go. But since not everyone is ready to drop $7K on their workouts let’s move on to option number 4.
  • Invest $197 once into BYW and use what you learn forever to write your own programming or to be able to vet other programming that you want to purchase to make sure it’s effective. Compared to the other options, it sounds like the cheapest (and smartest) option.

If I’m not new to lifting, will this program still be beneficial? 

That depends on what you mean when you say: “not new to lifting”. The intent of the program is to help you understand how to create a customized training program that aligns with your goals and your life - taking into account your skillset and abilities. If you already know how to implement progressive overload, understand how to figure out how many reps and sets to program, know how to build a program with compound and isolation lifts, and are aware of how much cardio vs weights your body type needs, then BYW probably isn’t for you. 

If, however, by “not new to lifting” you mean that you know your way around the gym but you are still struggling to see results, then yes! Build Your Workouts will fill in the missing pieces for you so that the time you spend working out actually changes your body composition.

How much time do I have to commit to my workouts for this program to be effective?

As a working mom myself I completely understand that your time is valuable. Heck, that’s exactly why I want to make sure the time you spend in the gym is actually effective - you don’t have time to waste! The beauty of this program is that you’ll understand how to build your programming based on how much time you want to devote to exercising per week. As long as you can commit to at least 30 minutes twice a week, you can build a program that helps you build muscle.

So….is this program as simple as me paying you to create a program for me?

No, if you are looking to just purchase a program to follow I have several options that you can purchase from my website. Build Your Workouts is different - when you finish you’ll have created your own truly customized workout plan that will have you excited about your progress photos.