Let a Biceps After Babies Coach customize your macros to YOU so you can stop wasting time second guessing the process and start shopping for new skinny jeans. 

Set My Custom Macros!

Let a Biceps After Babies Coach customize your macros to YOU so you can stop wasting time second guessing the process and start shopping for new skinny jeans. 

You're already convinced Macro counting is the route you want to take ....but setting your numbers can be an unforeseen roadblock. Let us help you clear the way so you can head out with confidence.

Learn more about Biceps After Babies' Custom Macros

You know that macro counting works because you’ve seen so many women rave about the fact that they can eat cookies AND have a six pack. You also know that in order to start counting macros and seeing the scale decrease step number one: set your macros

Here's the thing....if you are like most people, setting your macros can feel daunting. I mean, come on! This is BRAND NEW TERRITORY! And it doesn't help that every free macro calculator that you find online spits out different macros for you, leaving you even more confused.

And because you are a savvy woman, the last thing you want to do is waste time with the wrong macros.

As a coach who is known as the go-to macro expert I will tell you - plugging your numbers into a free online calculator is one of the worst ways to get started because your body can't be compressed down into an algorithm. Do free calculators take into account your food preferences, your dieting history, or your specific workout routine?


While they may be the "free" option, how much is it actually going to cost you in TIME wasted when you start out following the wrong number? I've seen it time and time again:

  • Woman tries to "save money" and plugs her data into a calculator or equation
  • She gets started and then quickly gets frustrated because those generic numbers aren't working.
  • She ends up quitting, convinced that macros just don't work for her.

That's the last thing I want for you and that's exactly where we come in!

You only have so many hours in a day, which means you want to feel confident that all your efforts are actually making a difference and accelerating your results...rather than keeping you stuck, spinning your wheels.

Let us worry about seeing the bigger picture and deliver true customization to help you stop wasting time trying to remember high school math equations and start getting all those compliments from your girlfriends.

            Get My Custom Macros         

You Track Your NORMAL Eating for 5 Days*

You'll send us screenshots of 5 days tracked of your NORMAL eating so that we have a really good picture of your current eating habits (if this isn't taken into account when setting your macros, you'll end up with the wrong numbers). *Note that these 5 days include 2 weekends because, let's be real, sometimes our eating looks a little different on the weekends. By doing this we are able to give you the best starting point for your macros.

You Fill Out Our Comprehensive Questionnaire

You'll tell us about your lifestyle, your exercise habits, any health concerns we need to take into account, and so much more. From this we'll have a clear picture of YOU as a unique individual and not as a compilation of some numbers. e you are right now). These are optional but highly recommended

Macros are Customized By Your Assigned Coach!

Your assigned coach will look at your questionnaire and submitted days of eating and then work her magic connecting all the dots to deliver you customized macros specifically formatted for your body. We want to serve you at the highest level, so know that if our coaches have more questions, they will reach out for clarification! Once you submit your information you should have your custom macros in no more than 72 business hours (note - our team doesn't work weekends).

Once it's all done, you'll be sent an official Biceps After Babies Custom Macros document with your custom macros AND a detailed explanation about why those numbers were set at certain levels. You'll also receive a comprehensive guide to teach you how to use your new numbers in your fitness journey. how the numbers were chosen as well as how to use them.

Let's Do This!

With custom macros, you can expect:

  • Customization for YOU and YOUR life: This is not some template where we crank and dump numbers. We consider all the factors that make you unique and thus should make your macros unique
  • Great customer service: If you're confused, ask away! If our coaches have questions, they'll let you know! We're ALL about clarity.
  • Total discretion: We know that some of this information can leave you feeling vulnerable so know that the information you share with us is 100% private and will NEVER be shared with anyone else.
  • BONUS: Beginner's Guide to Macro Counting so you'll know exactly how to take numbers and start using them to get results
Set my Macros!