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Want To Know The Secrets The Other Overpriced Macro Coaches Won’t Tell You?

Walk Away From This Workshop With The Confidence To Set And Adjust Your Own Macros So You Can Stop Wasting Time And Money And Start Transforming Your Body.

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"I didn't realize I was struggling with self-doubt until this program"

"8th week of my cut and I've almost lost 13 pounds and 6.5 inches. This program spoke to me. I learned I had been inconsistent about my macros and changing my numbers when I saw no results....I'm still so shocked at how much I am enjoying this because this is the furthest I've ever stuck to something to see it through. Macro tracking has changed my mindset about food as well because now I look at food as my ally in hitting my goals and not the enemy."

Dolly A.

"[CIN] gave me the knowledge to calculate my own macros without being dependent on someone else"

"I have always wanted to know the formulas and "hidden secrets" of how to calculate my own macros. I loved [CIN] because it gave me the knowledge to create my own macros without being dependent on someone else. I know my own body and I want the knowledge to adjust according to my personal goals, physical activity, how my body reacts, etc."

Elise B.

"I'm standing straighter and loving that my body is stronger...and I'm happier"

"I'm 5'9" and was eating less than 1500 calories and only gaining ... After your Confidence in Number Program ... I realized that I have been in a cut for too long and it was too low. I...set my macros at 2000. Guess what? I lost 4 lbs immediately. Now I'm on week 3 of a cut and planning to reverse after next week. I have already lost 5 more lbs and inches!!"

Carrie B.

"I would definitely recommend CIN to a friend, to everybody."

"I can get results and live the life I want without feeling deprived of my favorite foods. That it's OK to tweak the Macros, I always thought you were stuck with the same Macros forever. I also liked the "non-negotiables", no other program gives you that choice. I would definitely recommend CIN to a friend, to everybody."

Margarita C.

Learn More About Confidence In Your Numbers

Learn why

setting your own macros

is better than paying someone else to do it...

Macro counting is better than any other diet out there... because it isn't a diet. It allows you to eat the foods you actually like! No more cutting out sugar, dairy, or carbs. 


But just because you realize it's effective doesn't mean you know how to get started....let alone what to do when you hit a roadblock....

Have you ever wondered why so many women start counting macros and yet still struggle to lose weight and see results?

Unfortunately, most women make the mistake of thinking that “counting macros” is simply a matter of setting their macros and then following them until they have the body of their dreams.

It isn’t.

Think about it! How many women plug their stats into a free macro calculator, follow them, and they don’t hit their goal weight?

That may even be you right now! Yet despite this, you can list off someone who likely IS counting macros and is able to lose fat and gain muscle.

What is it that they’ve figured out, that most never will realize?


Just look around at all the macro coaches and fitness influencers you already look up to. Can you point to any of them and say they don’t know how to set and adjust macros so that it’s customized to their client? Or that they somehow are able to attract clients and get them results but they don’t know how to manipulate the numbers over time for maximal results?

I know, it sounds silly to even consider! And I don’t need to tell you, that in order for you to achieve similar results as these successful coaches get for their clients, you need to learn the secrets that most coaches won’t reveal.

You’ll need to start using the same principles and strategies for setting and adjusting your macros over time so you can: lose weight, skip out on fat loss plateaus, and pocket the money you would otherwise be stuck paying an expensive coach every month to adjust your macros for you.

And the good news is: this ability to set and adjust your macros so you can customize your nutrition to YOUR body, YOUR goals, and YOUR lifestyle, it’s a skill. And just like any other skill like riding a bike, when you follow the framework you too can learn and use this skill and get really good at it!

What will it be like to stop second guessing your macros and instead have a step-by-step process to confidently know you have the right macros for YOUR body, YOUR goals, and YOUR lifestyle?

But for a moment, consider the alternative...where do you think your wallet will be in 6 months from now if you choose to hire over-priced macro coaches to set and adjust your macros for you? This way can easily cost you upwards of $800, or more, depending how long your fitness journey lasts.

So you have a choice; you can learn the exact same principles and strategies for setting and adjusting your own macros, or you can continue to do what less budget-savvy women do, and throw money month after month at a coach who’s “secrets” are the exact principles and strategies you could easily learn in this recorded workshop.

If you choose the former, then I look forward to handing over alllllllll the secrets when you invest in Confidence In Your Numbers!

Here’s a Quick Dose of What You’ll Walk Away With At The End of This Workshop:

  • The 4 step process I have used with hundreds of clients to customize your macros for  any physical result you want. (That means you’ll not only be able to set your own macros for the times that you want to lose weight but will also understand how to optimize your numbers for gaining muscle or long-term maintenance) 
  • The reason why learning to set and adjust your own macros is cheaper than paying someone to do it for you month after month.
  • What never to do when setting your macros. (If you get this wrong, tracking is going to be a waste.)
  • How you can easily adjust your macros to guarantee you find your body's unique sweet spot for fat loss.
  • The secret to feeling confident with your set macros even if you are new to macro counting.

I cannot shout this loudly - and joyfully - enough: Take Confidence in Your Numbers. CIN will be a valuable tool on your journey as a macro-scientist. This class was pivotal to setting me up for success for Macros 101 and I highly recommend this class prior to taking M101. Amber’s teaching methodology makes the process of setting and adjusting macros easy. She chunks information, provides a clear cut process, and even addresses individual considerations when setting macros (for me, tips on considerations for PCOS were helpful). I am down 8 lbs - more than halfway to my goal. Thank you, Amber + Biceps After Babies team!

-Jennifer B.

Over the past 6+ years, I’ve seen so many women struggle with setting and also adjusting their macros.

It stops them dead in their tracks.

They stay stuck, and they never see the scale change because they are paralyzed in fear of wasting time with the wrong set of numbers.

Which means, if you never get this figured out, you’ll be forced to either get used to your current pant size or pay an over-priced coach monthly to do it for you.

So, it’s for that reason that I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as I possibly can- so I can help you customize your macros and check off your fitness goals faster.

Setting and adjusting your macros to get the best results for YOUR body is essential...and when you can finally unlock the secrets of how to do it easily, just consider how much less frustrating your fitness journey will be for you.

If you would like to learn the secrets all the other coaches won’t teach you, your investment price is just $149 $99.

And by passing up on this one-time-offer, are you really saying that customizing your nutrition to your body, goals, and lifestyle is NOT worth $99 to you?

Let’s hope not!

So, if you are ready to finally learn the secrets of setting and adjusting your macros so you can get customized results faster, I’ll see you on the inside of Confidence In Your Numbers!

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