MACROS 101: with Amber Brueseke


MACROS 101: with Amber Brueseke

Want to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

MACROS 101 is designed to help you:

  • Ditch the "dieter" guilt and shame.
  • Discover how to look and feel amazing in your body.  
  • … And get life-changing results from the plan you learn to create that's 100% customized to YOU.

Want to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

MACROS 101 is designed to help you:

  • Ditch the "dieter" guilt and shame.
  • Discover how to look and feel amazing in your body.  
  • … And get life-changing results from the plan you learn to create that's 100% customized to YOU.


PAY ATTENTION because this is important if you don't want to stay stuck spinning your wheels.

Losing weight can feel hard.

And if you’re like most of my clients before they started working with me, maybe you feel frustrated, ashamed…already wondering how long you’ll be able to stick to the next diet before you cave, right?

Most women think to get more results, they have to exert more willpower. They have to want it more. They have to buckle down and say "no" to the "bad" foods. 

The real problem? Trying to follow a plan that isn’t customized to you. 

Bottom line, the only way to lose weight, and keep it off forever, is by building a plan optimized

Not for for everyone. Not for all women in general. But for you.

Optimized for YOU and your unique goals, body, and lifestyle. 

And until you know how to create that customized plan that’s both effective and enjoyable, you’ll waste time and money trying program after program … nowhere closer to your goals.

Not to mention, you’ll continue to reinforce the lie that if you were smart/motivated/strong enough, you would be able to figure this out. #umno

What happens if you stay stuck in this shame cycle, convinced you need to try harder next week?

You’ll continue to stay stuck beating yourself up, feel uncomfortable in your body, and pass your habits onto your kids or grandkids. This is what I call the...

  • The Dieter Mindset is a way of thinking about your fitness journey and how you’ll see results (most women think in a way that sets them up to fail). 
  • One that puts hopeful women (just like you) on the path to shame, guilt, and failure from the get-go…
  • And causes a lot of discouragement, frustration, and wasted energy on the way.
  • It’s what keeps you wasting time and money trying out every program, every diet, every plan that exists, only to beat yourself up when you can’t stick to it.
  • It’s what causes you to avoid looking in the mirror or having your photo taken as you ask yourself, "I want to change; why can't I just stick to a plan?”
  • It’s what leads to your weekend free-for-all, hurrying to get the food in before you are hit with the guilt and shame of cheating on your goals.

A “dieter mindset” is what keeps you stuck thinking you just need to try harder to stick to the plan. Thinking that your RESULTS are dependent on how much you can WILLPOWER your way through your day, and as a result, restriction and misery become your only strategies for progress. And I don’t have to tell you, that’s a crappy game plan.



If you are like most, then chances are you’re operating from this dieter mindset that you learned from your upbringing and social conditioning.

And that’s ok! It’s all that you knew…UNTIL NOW!


Macro Scientists think very differently from the Dieter …

Dieters think eating “bad” foods means they’ve failed…Macro Scientists understand the composition of food and don’t label foods as “good” or “bad.”

Dieters try to cram themselves into the rules of the diet... Macro Scientist understand how to wield the tool of macro counting to create a dynamic, customizable plan unique to them.

Dieters live or diet by the scale… Macro Scientists know it is a single data point of a much larger picture.

Dieters are on an emotional roller coaster feeling euphoric when their diet is working and full of guilt or shame when they break the rules … Macro Scientists use logic, not emotion, to make accurate adjustments to their journey based off their body’s feedback.

Dieters avoid fattening foods … Macro Scientists fit their favorite foods into their plan and actually enjoy it ... guilt-free. 

Dieters follow someone else’s rules … Macro Scientist make their own rules.

When you kick the Dieter Mindset to the curb and start acting like a Macro Scientist, reaching your goals feels effortless, and dare I say... even fun!

You’ll be able to focus your time and energy on executing a plan that not only gets you results…but that you actually enjoy.

You'll get to ditch paying a coach month after month because you'll have all the knowledge and expertise to set and adjust your own macros.

You’ll feel free, healing your relationship with food and your body.

Once you start thinking like a Macro Scientist, results flow easily.

And that’s EXACTLY what I’m here to do:

Help you step into the Macro Scientist role far quicker and more efficiently than you could on your own. 

Because Making That Change On Your Own ... Is Harder Than You Think

I mean ... It seems like a pretty straightforward solution, doesn't it?

You need to strip away emotion, put on your scientist hat, stop looking just at the scale, and BOOM--you're the Macro Scientist, and results are going to be easy, right?

Wellllllllllll, I hate to tell you this, but no.

Because when it comes to how you think and act, you can't LEARN your way to different results.

It goes way deeper than what you THINK you know or don't know.

Let me explain what I mean ... and why this is important to you.

Everyone knows the basic principles for losing unwanted weight. But how many women know this yet still struggle to see any results? As you can probably guess, millions of them, right?  

Diet must not be working. Try another one.

Workout program isn’t cutting it. Head out to find a different routine. 

It’s an exhausting and endless journey of learning more and trying harder. But the results never change.

So here’s the million-dollar question…



Because you already know that learning more and trying harder won’t change the way you think and act!

It’s driven by what you don’t know that you don’t know. By the ideas and beliefs hiding in your mental blind spots (causing you to self-sabotage over and over again). 

Those blind spots are what drive your thoughts, actions, and results, regardless of what you know. They’re what keep you stuck on that “hamster wheel” of knowledge — constantly trying to learn more and just try harder. It’s a major pitfall of a dieter mindset.

If you want to change how you think and act, you need to discover those beliefs hiding in your blind spots, keeping you stuck. And then you have to challenge them. The problem is ... you can't see them! (That's why they're called blind spots!) 

Only once you've challenged your beliefs can you experience a fundamental internal shift and a real external change in results. That’s when you instantly transform from the Dieter to a Macro Scientist.

And I Will Help You Make That Transformation…



MACROS 101 isn’t another “weight loss program” like all the others you may have tried.

… It’s a complete transformational process that will transform you from the inside out …

Inside you'll find...

  • 6 CORE Training Modules that turns everything you think about fitness and weight loss entirely on its head, so you can see how successful, fit women actually approach their goals.
  • A Plug & Play Calculator to help you set your own starting macros ... without second-guessing them or the math that got you there.
  • Eight weeks of 24/7 group coaching to get the personalized support, clarity, and answers you need for your unique journey.
  • 8 LIVE Breakthrough Group Coaching Sessions with Amber to get you unstuck FAST.
  • A Team of Certified MACROS 101 Coaches That Have Your BACK - giving you access to more intimate and personalized coaching in real-time.

When you enroll in MACROS 101 you'll get access to a step-by-step process to transform yourself from the inside out. Plus you have access to individualized coaching so you can confidently apply the principles that you learn to your unique journey. Because you know that "one size fits all" … doesn’t actually fit anyone well.

That's right, MACROS 101 gets you real results through 3 pillars:

When you join MACROS 101, you'll get lifetime access to the MACROS 101 private member's portal where you'll have a library of videos and powerful exercises that will move you seamlessly through the following steps, experiencing real, visible progress every step of the way:

We all know the custom tailored dress is going to make you look and feel like a million bucks, and it’s the same thing with macros uniquely customized to you. But how will you set your starting macros if you aren't sure if you should be focusing on fat loss or muscle gains or something else entirely?

That’s why in MACROS 101 we kick off the program with an easy flowchart so you know what phase you should start with. Then we walk you through a simple plug-n-play formula that makes it super easy for you to set your starting macros, without second guessing them.

Most women spend their whole lives thinking that if they can suck it up and stick to their diet, follow their meal plan, and resist the foods that make them fat, they will be able to lose the weight they want ... wrong.

In MACROS 101, you are going to learn a proven step-by-step method for how to craft your own meal plan that not only drives physical results but includes the foods you love.

In fact, the same process we teach allowed me to eat a bowl of ice cream nightly AND get a six-pack. So trust me when I say it works!

I don't have to tell you that KNOWING and DOING...they aren’t the same thing.

And the truth is that you, like other women who struggle with consistency, are simply coming up against one of the five mental blocks that, unless removed, will keep you stuck, spinning your wheels, hopping from program to program, sure that you need to learn a little more or try a little harder. 

It’s self-sabotage at its finest.

The problem is, you can’t change what you can’t see. And these mental blocks, you don’t even know they are there. And if you can’t see these mental blocks in yourself, how will you remove them? 

Through powerful exercises and coaching inside MACROS 101, I’m going to help you not only uncover these blocks but get rid of them for good.

If you want to avoid plateauing, you’ll need to adjust your macros throughout your journey.

Adjusting may seem complex, and honestly, that’s what most coaches want you to believe because then you’ll keep dishing out money every month for them to adjust your macros for you.

But I’m not that type of coach, which is why inside MACROS 101, I've simplified adjusting your macros into a 4-step process that allows you to skip the overpriced coach and make your own adjustments that will accelerate your results.

And, because I know you may worry that you’re going to make the wrong adjustments, the MACROS 101 coaches and I are there to personally coach you through the process, meaning you aren’t going to make any mistakes.

What causes 95% of the women who lose weight with traditional dieting to regain it all back, and more? 

Metabolic adaptation.

And that’s precisely why you cannot skip the step of reverse dieting.

A reverse diet means that you’ll be able to eat MORE calories while maintaining all the results from your hard work.

Adding MORE calories when you want to lose weight can feel counterintuitive, so if you are like most, during your reverse, you will likely feel hesitant, worried, and maybe even a little scared that you’re going to be flushing all your hard-earned results down the drain. 

This is why inside MACROS 101, I not only give you an easy formula of HOW to reverse, but the coaches and I coach you through the process.

Instead of guessing whether to add calories or not, you’ll be able to check with a coach, reducing your worry and stress as you go through this vital step in the journey that too many women skip, causing them to wonder why they can lose weight, but never keep it off.

I had been a yo-yo dieter for the last 15 years. I had tried diet pills, weight watchers, starvation, you name it. I had lost the same 40-50 about 4 times.

I am happy to say that I have lost 37 pounds with M101. I feel better (my feet, back and hips have no more pain), my clothes are to big and I’m in better shape than in my 20’s. I have never felt more in control of my food decisions. The program has changed me! I’m so excited for the next steps!

I would tell a friend that M101 was live changing and totally worth every dime! There is no price I can put on the freedom that I feel!!

- Crystal P.

Imagine a community of women just like you; all committed to transforming together. Imagine the support, the camaraderie, and the POWER that comes from surrounding yourself with women who are so committed to their goals that they don't just talk about the results they want, but they invest in actually making it happen. That's precisely what you'll find in the M101 community.

Trying to make changes on your own is a lonely journey. But with a whole community behind you, you'll never feel alone.

Within our MACROS 101 community, you'll also be able to learn from your fellow members daily, as well as join an accountability group aimed at helping you stay on track.

"I want to thank Amber and the M101 coaches and all the women in the community. The group setting and the support is really what made all the difference for me."

- Dana C.

I want to say thank you. M101 has been life-changing, especially for my accountability group. Those girls have become my JOY sisters. We check in daily (still). We cheer. Support. Help. Lift. Encourage. And MAN!! It has made a monumental difference.

-Christine T.

What sets MACROS 101 apart from all your other choices is the transformational coaching you will receive. It is unlike any other program or coaching out there.

Why does that make the difference?

I don't have to tell you that LEARNING something and APPLYING it in your journey isn't the same thing. Other programs may teach you about counting macros, but just because you know something doesn't mean you'll consistently apply it.

And honestly, when other programs provide "coaching, " they are really just giving advice and cheerleading. Which, as great as that can feel, doesn't give you long-term results because where will you be in 6 months when your "coach" is the only one who holds the key to your results?

That's why when you join MACROS 101; you'll get eight weeks of access to transformational group (but still personalized) coaching. This isn't cookie-cutter advice. This isn't us just saying, "great job!" Our coaches are trained to coach at the deepest level to get your specific questions about your particular journey answered and gain confidence that you can continue on your own without paying for a coach.

That's right; when you finish MACROS 101, you'll be able to coach yourself. You won't need to keep spending money month after month to access a coach who has all the secrets because, as a Macro Scientist™, you'll learn how to access the answer to any question that will come up in your journey.

You're probably starting to see that MACROS 101 is about so much more than HOW to count macros (although we do cover that). It's about group coaching and accountability to see you through the highs and lows of your fitness journey — those moments when you step on the scale and you’re ready to give up — that’s where we want to meet you so you can push through, and see actual results.  

"I was so impressed at the amount of coaching that goes on in MACROS 101. I was so nervous about spending the money, but the amount of information was awesome. I was in other 'online coaching' programs, and this is by far SO much better."

- Christa S.

Amber, you and your coaching team are awesome, I've never felt more supported and heard in my entire life.

- Jessica Berkery

I want to give a big shout out to Amber and her coaches, they have been amazing. MACROS 101 has been a fantastic journey. I have been so happy with the modules, the learning, the community, the coaching. There is a wealth of knowledge in Amber and her coaches and I have been so happy to be able to learn from it and benefit from it. I don't regret joining!

- Sarah B.

MACROS 101 Gets You Results Unlike Any Other Program Simply Because...

Stop Failed Dieting, Start Long-Lasting Transformation With MACROS 101!



"Before MACROS 101 I swore on my life I would never count macros. I felt like it might make me obsessive. I already ate healthy and worked out, how could macro counting possibly help me? Well, I'm incredibly grateful!!!

During MACROS 101 I lost 7 pounds and 8 inches and since then I've maintained that loss eating 2200 calories. I've never been a low carb person, but I've never eaten this many carbs. I LOVE IT!"

-Sara C.

Meet Your Coach: 

Hey, hey, hey! My name is Amber Brueseke, and my goal is to help you reach yours. 

Inside MACROS 101 you'll gain access to the same steps that I've personally used with my private coaching clients since 2016. I'm giving you EVERYTHING I've learned to be able to take you from stuck to successful.

More than that, as your coach, I want to help you learn to achieve. Because once you get a taste of reaching your physical goals in MACROS 101, the sky's the limit for what you are able to accomplish.


You're also invited to...

I created MACROS 101 to be the fastest, easiest way for you to go from stuck to successful - from the Dieter Mindset to the Macro Scientist.

But I also created it to be the most supportive and transformative. So that's why MACROS 101 includes 8 LIVE group coaching sessions with me.

Got a question? Doubts? Uncertainties? Something - anything - not making sense?

Not clear on how to break a plateau? Or whether you're moving in the right direction? Or how to adjust your macros?


In Addition To Coach Amber, You Also Have Live Coaching Calls With The Other Certified MACROS 101 Coaches, So You'll Always Have Access To Personalized Transformational Coaching.

You may be worried that "group coaching" sounds like you won't get your questions answered. Like you'll just get lost as a number in the program.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our Coaching Guarantee: Amber and the M101 coaches are here for you 24/7 to coach you through your journey. Can't figure out how to apply a concept you learn in the modules to your unique journey? Come to one of the three live group coaching calls per week or put up a quick post in our private community, and Amber or a Certified MACROS 101 coach will get you the answers you need.

"I had already been working with a macro coach for 6 months when I joined MACROS 101. Amber and the coaches are SO active in the group. You basically get 1 on 1 coaching for half the price!"

- Michelle M.

I waited so long to sign up for coaching, and I wish I had done it sooner! I have a degree in nutrition, so I felt guilty for signing up at first; I knew a lot of the scientific stuff already - I should know better, right? I didn't realize that I needed the mental shift instrumental in MACROS 101 coaching. The coaching I received from Amber and the coaches made me understand myself and what I needed to do to change my whole relationship with food. I have completely let go of food guilt and transformed my body.

- Teri D.

MACROS 101 is built on group you may be wondering...


I’m so confident in the effectiveness of MACROS 101 that I offer not one, but TWO guarantees!

First, the 30-day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee

If you get inside the program and decide it's not for you, I want you to ask for your money back.

No jumping through hoops. No explanation is required. No hard feelings.

Just send an email within 30 days of purchase to us at, and you will receive a full refund.

If more than 30 days have passed, you will need to submit your program work for the Double Your Money Back Guarantee. What’s that? 👇 

The Ultimate 90-day "Double Your Money" Guarantee

If you reach out within 90 days of joining MACROS 101 to show me that you've kept up with the program (you have to show me proof!), and for some crazy reason, STILL haven't seen any progress, then I'll be happy to return DOUBLE your investment. 

That's right; I will return everything you paid for the program PLUS take double your investment out of my pocket and put it in your wallet. 

That's how much I believe in this process and the program I created. If you are ready to show up and do the work, I know MACROS 101 can get you to your goals.


Q: How Is MACROS 101 Different From Hiring Another 1:1 Macro Coach Or Joining A 30-Day Challenge?

A: Most macro coaching or online challenges work like this: a "coach" tells you what macros to hit, you, then, must follow them, and every once in a while, your coach will magically make adjustments to your numbers for you.

That works...for a while.

But you already know that someone else telling you what to do never gives you long-term success for the same reason other diets don't work - someone else is building a plan that you have to suck it up and follow rather than YOU creating a plan that's effective AND enjoyable.

This means once you are done with "coaching" or the challenge, you are left with zero tools to continue making progress because the "guru" you hired has all the secrets.

That's not how MACROS 101 works.

Inside M101, you'll be given the education and tools to become the scientist in your journey. You'll be able to make your own adjustments to your macros and understand how to balance what's effective with what's enjoyable.

Rather than waiting hours (or days) for your coach to email you back, you'll have 24/7 access to Amber and a team of coaches in our private community so whenever you have a question or concern about how to apply a concept to your unique journey, you'll quickly get the clarity you need.

M101 coaching is just that ... actual coaching. It's not a guru telling you what to do or cheerleading you on; it's a process of a back and forth conversation with deep questions so you can get unstuck now and know how to coach yourself later. That way, you don't need us forever.

If you are looking for a "coach" to have all the answers for you and tell you what to do, you'll hate MACROS 101; please don't join.

If you are looking to step into a place of power in your journey, to understand the process of how to gather data from your body, analyze it, and make logical adjustments based on that feedback so you can zero in on what's going to work for YOU...

...then there isn't a better place for you than inside MACROS 101.

Have a pressing question you need answered before enrolling in MACROS 101?

Below is a list of the most common questions I've been asked. If for some odd reason you don't see your question, just email the head of my Support Team, Cassie ( so we can assist you. Cool?

Will I get access to all the materials the moment I purchase the program? What is the start date?

Yes! As soon as your checkout is complete, you will have immediate access to the Private Member's Area, which houses the MACROS 101 content. Inside, you can immediately get started, so you don't have to wait for a "start date" for your transformation.

Once enrollment closes to MACROS 101, we'll get to work. The first week will be a complimentary "Prep Week," where you'll be able to learn how to maximize your time inside MACROS 101.


What if I'm busy and don't have time to follow the program week after week?

We are all busy woman, which is exactly why I created this high-yield program to be taken in chunks at your convenience. You can listen to the modules and coaching calls in the car or while washing the dishes.

That means that if you want to start a few months from now, you can! And you’ll lock in the current price.

You can log in 24 hours a day, seven days a week for as long as you wish, well beyond the eight weeks.

You will also get any updates to the program free of charge for life.

How long is the program?

You have lifetime access to the MACROS 101 modules, which means you can self-pace your learning. You can go as fast or as slow as you would like depending on how busy you are or what you have going on.

In addition, I include eight weeks of access to a private M101 community for individualized coaching and LIVE group coaching calls via Zoom with both me and the certified MACROS 101 coaches. These are where you can get answers to your unique questions. So when you struggle to apply something you learned in the modules to YOUR journey, all you need to do is ask, and you'll get an M101 coach who will coach you until you have clarity on your next steps.

If you would like to continue to have access to coaching and a community longer than eight weeks, there is an inexpensive alumni-only monthly option called Beyond MACROS 101, which we'll discuss at the end of our eight weeks.  

I'm worried about this being group coaching. Will I really get the individual help that I need?

Coaching is the application of knowledge in the areas you haven't been applying it. The sad truth is that what most "coaches" provide isn't coaching at all. Authentic coaching isn't about the coach being a guru; it's about facilitating the client accessing the answers already inside of her.

Just learning content isn't enough, and in MACROS 101, you will never have to figure out how to apply the content you are learning to your journey on your own.

Inside MACROS 101, you'll have 24/7 access to trained and certified coaches to ask any and every question you have about your unique journey. It doesn't get more personalized than that.

And because all the individualized coaching is done via group coaching calls and in our private community, you will be able to receive personalized coaching for your questions and receive incredible value from the queries and coaching of other group members.

Here's the truth: you can only ask a question about what you know you don't know. You can't ask a question about what you don't know you don't know. (Ooooo, that's deep!) THAT'S why being a part of group coaching is so amazing!

What if I want to join MACROS 101 but I only want 1:1 coaching?

We've created an option just for you called MACROS 101+1:1 Private Coaching. Our VIP option allows you to get everything inside MACROS 101 PLUS get paired with your own private BAB Coach. It includes 24/7 access to your coach and weekly face-to-face coaching calls.

This is a limited offer with limited coaching spots available, so if private coaching is important to you, be sure to snag your spot before MACROS 101+1:1 Private Coaching sells out.

What will I have access to when the eight weeks of coaching are over?

When the eight weeks are over, you will still have access to everything inside your MACROS 101 portal. That includes all your bonuses, modules, coaching call recordings, and any other purchased products.

At the end of the eight weeks, access to the private community where you can ask questions and receive personalized coaching will be removed.

However, suppose community and coaching are something you want to continue. In that case, there is an inexpensive alumni-only continuing coaching option called Beyond MACROS 101 that will be offered at the end of your eight weeks of coaching that comes with MACROS 101.

Can I hire you as a 1:1 coach?

I accept VERY few private coaching clients because most of my time and energy is spent pouring into the results of the women who join MACROS 101. If you are interested in personal coaching with me, email to find out if you are a good fit.  

If I already know how to count macros, will MACROS 101 be beneficial?

I know the "101" in MACROS 101 makes it sound like only a program for beginners; however, that's not the case.

Yes, I will teach you HOW to count macros, but that's a very small part of the program because the truth is knowing how to do something and doing it consistently ... well, they aren't the same things.

If you haven't been able to get the results you want yet, that's likely because you aren't optimally wielding the tool of macro counting for your body, goals, and lifestyle.

Regardless of your current expertise in macro counting, if you have a goal that you haven't been able to reach yet, the content, community, and coaching in MACROS 101 is an excellent fit for you.

How involved will you be as the program leader?

I am a very hands-on coach inside of MACROS 101. In addition to delivering all the program material to you, I host eight group coaching calls where you can get coached LIVE or listen whenever convenient to the replay.

In addition, we have other certified MACROS 101 coaches supporting you. I trained these women personally in the M101 coaching methodology to help you get results.

The M101 coaches can coach you 24/7 in our private community and during their coaching calls.

With so many coaches in the program, you'll never have to wait long for life-changing coaching conversations.

The community will also be there for you 24/7 since we have members all over the globe in many time zones.  

Can I only pay for certain parts of the program?

No. The program is sold as a package and pieces of it will not be sold separately.

Can I DM or email you if I need more help in the program?

No, I do all of my coaching and question answering on our calls, in the private community, and inside the member's area. This allows all program clients to receive value from the coaching and responses I, and the other MACROS 101 coaches, give to questions.

Do I need to know how to count macros before I enroll in MACROS 101?

No, you do not! This program gives you everything you need to start from the very beginning with macro counting.

It looks like there are a couple things like workouts and a M101 planner and workbook, etc. that are "available as an add-on" with the most popular option for MACROS 101 - what does that mean?

When you join MACROS 101 you'll immediately have access to everything you need to be successful in creating your customized nutrition plan so you can see the changes in the mirror without dieting, restriction, and deprivation.

And also, we know that some people want MORE. They want the bells and whistles. They want a workout plan. They want a physical planner and workbook. They want a coach to set their macros for them. And for that reason, after joining M101, we offer you the option to add these enhancements to your purchase at a client-exclusive discounted price.

How is this different than 1:1 coaching that so many macro coaches provide? I'm nervous that group coaching won't be truly tailored to each person individually.

You are 100% right that *I* don't tailor anything. That's exactly what doesn't work - someone else telling you what to do. I mean, it sounds great, and it may work for a while, but someone else telling you what to do never gives you long-term success.

Think about it, how many women are told what to do every day by their trainer, their coach, a book they read? If someone telling you what to do were the secret, then every single one of them would be successful...and they aren't.

As a coach, it's my job to give you the tools to be the scientist, expert, and coach in your own journey. To be able to make your own adjustments. To create your customized plan.

And then my team and I coach you as you create your plan. So when you have questions or concerns, you'll get asked powerful questions have that will give you clarity on your next steps.

If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do, give you macros, and tell you when and how to adjust them, you shouldn't join.

If you are looking to be empowered in your journey, not have to rely on paying a coach, and want to understand how to zero in on what's going to work for YOU, then there isn't a better place for you than in MACROS 101.

I thrive off of accountability - do you provide that in MACROS 101?

Yes! I know that some ladies are much more motivated when they check in with someone else regularly, so inside MACROS 101 you'll have the option to join an accountability group. This will give you a group of women who are on the same journey and can provide encouragement and perspective, and who can celebrate with you as you succeed.

"Honestly, the accountability group is one of the BEST parts of MACROS 101. Putting smaller groups of like-minded women together is brilliant for intentional support and courageous conversations."
- Shayna

I understand how to count macros, I just haven't been able to get the results I want, is this program a good fit for me?

I know MACROS 101 makes it sound like it's only for beginners...I blame my lack of creative naming skills.

The truth is if you have physical goals you haven't yet met, MACROS 101 is for you whether you are brand new to macro counter or a pro at counting. You'll learn how to wield the tool of macro counting in a way that WORKS for you. This means you'll be fitting macro counting in your life, rather than the other way around.

I don't want you to give up on your fitness goals, that's why I created this program not only to teach you HOW to count macros, but I include a bonus of eight weeks of COACHING to help you through the sticking points in your fitness journey when you would typically give up. Inside MACROS 101, the coaches and I will help you troubleshoot what's not working so you can make the changes and see the difference.


Does this program include custom macros?

Yes and no. Inside MACROS 101 I walk you step-by-step through setting your customized macros. I even do a dedicated "Macro Check" coaching call where you can run your numbers past me so you can feel confident that your numbers are suitable for your body and goals.  

I've taught THOUSANDS of women to set their macros confidently, and you'll soon be one of them!

If you are interested in having a Team BAB coach set your macros for you, there is an option to add it to your purchase after you join MACROS 101.  

Who is the perfect client for this program?

The perfect client is tired of feeling stuck in their current body and is ready to take ACTION to get a different result. Those who are open, coachable, and are prepared to do the work (not just sit back and wait for someone to tell them what to do) will thrive inside MACROS 101.

How many hours will I need to invest each week?

I guarantee if you can give this process at least 20 minutes a day, I can give you the steps to get the body you want. I'm so serious about this that I created an exclusive BONUS "Macros In 20 Minutes A Day," where I walk you through how to limit the time you spend weighing, tracking, and logging your food.  If you invest 20 minutes a day, you can see results in your body.

I only need help with my reverse diet. Is this for me?

Congrats on being one of the wise, savvy women who understands that without a reverse diet, you'll stay stuck yo-yo-ing up and down with your weight!

You know better than most that a reverse diet can be more challenging than your cut because the concept of eating MORE is counterintuitive, at best, and downright scary, at worst.

Having a coach walk you through the process is one of the best investments you can make so that you don't end up flushing all your hard work down the toilet, messing up the process.

I've coached hundreds of women through their reverses in MACROS 101, with clients adding up to 1,500 EXTRA calories without gaining any weight. So yes, MACROS 101 is where to get the coaching you know you need and the content and community that prevent you from regaining all the weight you lost.

For what type of person is this program NOT going to work?

A type of person I won't work with (without exception) is the whiner or the chronic skeptic, as well as individuals who continually make excuses. If you are one of these people, I kindly and respectfully ask that you not enroll, and I hope you understand why. We probably won't work well together, and I wouldn't want you to waste your time or money. Fair enough?  

Do you allow men in MACROS 101?

Currently, MACROS 101 is a female-only program as I have found that women need to be supported and encouraged differently than men. Women have different problems and roadblocks to overcome, so I have created a program that directly addresses these issues.  

Will it be worth it?

That depends on how you value your health and happiness and whether you take action on what you learn in the program.

"I have counted macros to an extent in the past, but the knowledge I got out of MACROS 101 is life-changing."

- Amy R.

"We join for the diet, but what you don't understand is what you're getting is a coach who will teach you how to be a better person. Somebody who sees the strength that's inside of you, even if you can't see it yourself."

- Linnae W.

How much would you pay to change your life? What's it worth you to pass on a healthy relationship with food to your children? How much would you pay to walk into a room with confidence?

When will MACROS 101 re-open?

We only open doors to MACROS 101 1x a year. Doors usually open spring (March) And I can't guarantee the price won't go up.

This means if you don't join now, you'll have to wait 6+ months to get started on your journey.

The investment is a stretch for me right now. Can you give me a discount?

If this investment is the difference between you eating or paying rent, do NOT join this program. Use that money for your daily expenses.

The woman that should join is the one that understands the value of investing in herself, in putting herself first, but is not putting herself in financial hardship. I know the program has a lifetime value of over 10X the cost, but no way I’m setting the price there.

Can you guarantee my results?

My role is to support and assist you in reaching your goals, but your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment, and follow-through. I KNOW if you take action and follow the steps I outline inside MACROS 101, your success is inevitable, and I have a 90-day DOUBLE Your Money-Back Guarantee to back it up.