Make Money and Change Lives: Become a Transformational Coach

Live Masterclass • Thursday, December 1st • 9 AM PACIFC

Once you register for the class you will gain access to the replay, which will be available through Thursday, December 8th.


Amber Brueseke, Master Transformational Fitness Coach and Founder of the BAB Coaching Academy

In This 60 Minute Masterclass You'll Learn...

  • Why becoming an effective coach is less about how smart you are, and more about your desire to serve. 
  • The biggest mistakes inexperienced coaches make that block their clients' success ... and what to do instead.
  • The difference between the science and the art of coaching ... and how to get good at BOTH.
  • The very first thing to do if you are considering becoming a coach, and surprisingly, why you'll still need to make it a focus even as an experienced coach.
  • How to focus on the right things during your coaching session so you hear your clients say the words “You've changed my life” more often.

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