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In 5 days, you'll learn why you've struggled with weight loss in the past and how easy (and fun!) it can be to reach your body goals without cutting out sugar, doing hours of cardio, or starting another restrictive diet!

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What You Get When You Join the Challenge:

Hey! I'm Amber, and I'll be your coach for the 5-Days To A Fitter You Challenge

Two things you should know:  

1. The best way to achieve your health and fitness goal is to make the process both effective AND enjoyable, and during the 5-Day Challenge, I will show you how!

2. My clients tell me my superpower is coaching, and you'll get to experience it during the challenge! Nothing gets me more excited than seeing you crush your goals.

If you are a classic "Hope Dieter" (meaning you start a diet, cross your fingers, and just hope that it will work) and feel like your effort doesn't produce long-term results you can see in the mirror, it's time to learn the steps towards customizing your plan to YOUR body, YOUR goals, and YOUR lifestyle.

Let me show you how easy (and fun!) it can be to create a health and nutrition plan that you actually want to execute without sacrificing the real physical changes you want to see (like fitting back into those clothes in the back of your closet).

Body composition changes don't mean you have to be miserable. And you don’t need to spend a ton of time every day to see visible results.

I’ll show you how inside the 5-Days To A Fitter You Challenge.

FAQ About the 5-Days To A Fitter You Challenge:

#1 How will the challenge work?

Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with detailed information, important links, etc. But the basic outline is:

  • Every morning for five days, starting Monday, August 22nd, you'll receive an email with a simple assignment specifically selected to move you closer to your body goals.
  • Then, dive deeper into the day's topic during daily Facebook LIVES by me, Coach Amber. (Hate Facebook? No worries, check out Question #2 below!) If you are looking for motivation and "ah-ha" moments, this is where you'll find it!
  • Play BINGO and get rewarded for each action you take towards your goal! You'll see that transformation can be FUN!

#2 What if I don't have Facebook....?

No worries! All of the daily LIVES are hosted on Facebook; HOWEVER, we also have an "All-Access Web Page" (you'll gain access to it once you register for the challenge) which will have all the replays uploaded daily along with other helpful links.

While you 100% do NOT need Facebook to participate in the challenge, our community is pretty bomb and joining the community allows you to surround yourself with like-minded women who are as committed to their goals as you.

In the past, we have had challenge participants create a new Facebook profile, sometimes with a different name and no picture, that they use solely for the challenge, and then they delete it after the challenge is over.

But honestly, we have had participants find success in the challenge with or without using Facebook, so the choice is up to you!

#3 Is this challenge for me?


In reality, it should be called the FREE-5-day-challenge-to-help-you-set-physical-goals-and-learn-how-to-achieve-them, but that was waaaaaaay too long....

To be honest, if you have a physical goal that you haven't yet met...this challenge is for you.

Whether that goal is fat loss, building muscle, or going through a reverse diet to increase your metabolism, the principles taught during the 5 days will 100% be applicable to YOU and YOUR journey, wherever you are at.

My goal is to empower women to achieve, and that certainly is not exclusive to losing fat.

#4 What if I can't make it to the daily live trainings?

We know that you are busy! So it would be crazy to require, or even assume, that our participants could attend every single LIVE ... live. That's why we have a few measures in place to make sure you have access to ALL the material.

  • If you have access to Facebook, you'll always be able to catch the replay there!
  • No Facebook? No problem. We have an All-Access web page where we will upload all the replays throughout the week, so you never miss a beat.

We really, truly believe your success is inevitable, so we do everything we can to help set you up to find that success.

#5 How long will I have access to challenge material?

As the name suggests, the challenge lasts 5 days, but we really are ALL about setting you up for success! So the challenge material will be available on the following timelines:

  • All the printable material - yes, there is a workbook for all challenge participants! - are yours forever! This means you can download them and print them off as many times as you long as you know they are property of Biceps After Babies and only meant for personal use
  • Video Replays - In the spirit of making sure you are set up for success, you will have access to the videos from the challenge for 6 days after the end of the official challenge dates. We do this to make sure you have time to watch and digest ALL the content.
  • Facebook Group - We LOVE the community we attract inside the Facebook Group during the challenge; there is so much energy and excitement as everyone is working towards their goals! Part of what creates that excitement and energy is the fact that it's a pop-up group, meaning it's only open during the challenge and for 1-week post-challenge. After that it will get archived

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